Value Creation is at the
Core of Our Existence

At DataCrunch Lab, our mission is to transform data into business value

We help companies unlock and transform data into useful analysis, valuable insights, and actionable strategies. We do this by helping companies utilize the data that they have been collecting in order to improve customer experience, optimize operations, and make better products and services.


DataCrunch Lab, LLC was started by industry veterans Dr. Zeydy Ortiz and Rob Montalvo to bring the transformational power of data and technology to business and society. DataCrunch Lab is accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the enterprise using the power of open source & commercial software and cloud computing resources. They create value by uncovering needs, co-developing the best solution, supporting customers through implementation, and ensuring the solution is successful. They serve customers across many industries including, IT, legal, retail, financial, and industrial/manufacturing sectors.

With 20+ years of professional technology development experience at the intersection of software and hardware, some of the business issues they had addressed include:

  • Informed business strategy - trusted advisor to recommend what product mix to produce, what features to include, and for which markets using predictive modeling and simulation
  • Increased visibiilty of real-time operations by integrating multiple technologies: messaging, natural language understanding, chatbots, data visualization, cloud computing and cloud functions
  • Increased operation efficiency by predicting customer churn
  • Reduced IT costs by predicting process duration to efficiently allocate resources


Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Zeydy Ortiz is the co-founder & CEO of DataCrunch Lab, LLC. She has been helping teams and organizations transform data into value across many industries including IT, financial, retail, and the manufacturing sectors. She started her career as a Performance Engineer at IBM building predictive models to inform business strategy. She developed capacity planning tools to right-size server infrastructure to customers’ workloads. She worked on multiple projects focused on improving performance & efficiency. Dr. Ortiz earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, master's from Texas A&M University, and Ph. D. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.


Co-Founder & President

Rob Montalvo is co-founder and President of DataCrunch Lab, LLC. He is a Software Engineer turned entrepreneur. Rob has been in the software development industry for over 20 years building enterprise-grade software for many large organizations including IBM, VMware, Research in Motion (Blackberry), Qualcomm and Cisco. He has deep expertise in the integration of software and hardware including low-level programming, networking and virtualization. Throughout his career, he has held various technical and leadership positions. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico. In his spare time, Rob enjoys working on house remodeling projects, traveling, and spending time with family.


  • Design Thinking & Agile Development

  • IBM Cloud Private for Data – 2018

  • IBM Analytics

  • Certified RapidMiner Analyst


Our innovative, award-winning digital assistant was recognized as “Highest Potential Value to Manufacturers” for increasing visibility of real-time production and plant operations.

  • GE Brilliant Hacks Grand Prize Winner: Slack chatbot to increase visibility into real-time production and plant operations, anytime, anywhere
  • Highest Potential Value to Manufacturer