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Accelerating and Automating with IoT

IoT Solutions for all Industries = Agility and Control

Stay in control of your data and your strategy with a secure, flexible foundation for creating solutions meeting your unique operational requirements and business goals. Our IoT solutions will provide you with secure data management and access controls to simplify machine data integration with your existing workflows, analytics, and business intelligence tools - as well as remotely monitor and control your ecosystem.





IoT Platform

DataCrunch Lab provides a complete solution that you can use to securely connect any device to any application, while offering all of the tools necessary to provision and manage connected products at scale. Our experts will work with you to architect your platform from the ground up to deliver a truly end-to-end software foundation that will enable you to capture and explore data for devices, equipment, and machines, and discover insights that can drive better decision-making. Some of the top capabilities and benefits include the following:

  • Ability to capture data in real time
  • Optimized operations and resources
  • Increased revenue

Transform Operations with AI

Transform Operations with AI

Visual Inspection

Quality assurance systems utilize RFID, sensors, video monitoring, remote information distribution and cloud solutions on the production line to streamline inspection procedures, improve decision making, and reduce costs driven by quality defects. Machine vision methods also optimize logistics and transfer processes, particularly when it comes to the communication between products and manufacturing equipment in modern IoT scenarios.

Predictive Quality

DataCrunch will combine your quality management expertise with predictive analytics and machine learning to help you improve production quality and lower production costs. Our experts will ensure your IoT solutions includes predict and prevent quality issues with real-time visibility, predictive alerts, and automated root cause analysis. This results in improved product quality, reduced operating expenses, and improved asset utilization and yield.

Prescriptive Maintenance

DataCrunch will take your data coming from equipment in real-time and use advanced analytics to identify asset reliability risks that could impact your business operations. Applying machine learning and analytics to operational data generated by critical assets allows us to gain a better understanding of asset performance as well as act on recommendations and insights as part of a continuous improvement process. Our experts free up your operations and maintenance teams from these daily maintenance tasks. It’s critical for businesses to understand the maturity curve of maintenance, so you can determine:

  • Where your operations currently are
  • Where you want to be, in terms of where will you get the most return for your investments in technology and processes
  • How to evolve your maintenance programs


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