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DataCrunch Lab selected to support DoD’s data readiness in AI efforts

March 28, 2022

DataCrunch Lab was awarded a spot on a $241 million Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition vehicle for artificial intelligence (AI) data readiness services to make DoD data AI ready. Successful implementation of AI relies on the quality of the data used. The old adage of “garbage in, garbage out” applies to AI projects where the end result will be affected by the input data. Data needs to be transformed in a process often called data wrangling in order to prepare it for AI activities.

Data wrangling, sometimes referred to as data munging, is the process of transforming and mapping data from one “raw” data form into another format with the intent of making it more appropriate and valuable for a variety of downstream purposes such as analytics.

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On behalf of the DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), the US Army Contracting Command awarded Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence (DRAID) basic ordering agreements to enable the DoD to leverage its data resources for AI activities. The DoD established the JAIC in 2018 to seize upon the transformative potential of artificial intelligence technology for the benefit of America’s national security. JAIC’s mission is to accelerate the DoD’s adoption and integration of AI to achieve mission impact at scale. To that end, they have established DRAID as a decentralized vehicle to streamline rapid procurement and agile delivery of AI data readiness capabilities.

DataCrunch Lab will be offering data services to address data wrangling issues to make DoD data AI ready. The capabilities and services to be procured under the DRAID basic ordering agreement include:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Acquisition and Curation
  • Data Quality and Analysis
  • Synthetic Data Generation and Data Anonymization
  • Software Development, Modification, and Configuration
  • Enterprise Information Management and Governance
  • Cloud Integration and Alignment

Organizations interested in data preparation services can contact us at draid @ datacrunchlab.com.