DataCrunch Lab to advance technology for digital data strategies

April 08, 2022

DataCrunch Lab was selected to participate in the Ogden Catalyst Accelerator, powered by the Air Force’s Digital Transformation Office, to advance technology for digital data strategies. The program aims to promote technology advancement that allows for a secure and scalable cloud hybrid data environment. The goal is to facilitate acquisition and sustainment of a digital data strategy for government and industry partners.

The Ogden Catalyst Accelerator will host eight small businesses for the Digital Data Strategies cohort. The companies will work with subject matter experts from government and industry to complete an intensive customer discovery process.

DataCrunch Lab is on a mission to modernize maintenance planning through analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation – analytics to gather and analyze data quickly, AI to anticipate needs, and automation to assist in procuring parts, schedule skilled labor and create work orders. The goal is to maximize operational availability, expedite maintenance operations, and reduce operational costs.